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When considering bank loans, the concept often conjured is that of term loans. Term loans offer a convenient way for borrowers to access a lump sum of upfront cash while agreeing to predetermined borrowing conditions. These loans are particularly well-suited for well-established small businesses boasting solid financial records. By receiving an agreed-upon sum, the borrower commits to an outlined repayment plan featuring a steady or variable interest rate. In some cases, substantial initial payments might be necessary, serving to diminish both ongoing payment obligations and the overall expense linked to the loan. 

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Qualifying for Term Loans Made Easy

Business Financials: Provide requested financial statements to showcase your business's stability.

Active Business Account: Maintain a business bank account to efficiently manage loan funds.

Established Business: Demonstrate one year or more of business operations.

Healthy Cash Flow: Show consistent cash flow that assures your ability to repay the loan.


Strong FICO Score: A high personal credit score indicates your financial reliability.

Collateral: Depending on your situation, collateral might be required for added security.

Personal Investment: Share details of your personal investment in the business to highlight your commitment.

Streamlined Application Process

Application Submission

Embark on your journey toward financial empowerment with our user-friendly application submission process. We value your time and have simplified the steps to ensure a seamless experience.

Business Financials

Providing a clear financial snapshot of your business is essential. Submit the requested business financial documents to establish the foundation for your loan application.

Building the Foundation

At Harvard Credit Solutions, we believe in supporting your business's growth. Our Term Loans are designed to help you build a strong financial foundation that paves the way for success.

Collateral (As Needed)

Depending on your unique circumstances, collateral may be required. This additional security can enhance your loan terms and open doors to greater financial opportunities.

Personal Credit History

Your personal credit history is a reflection of your financial reliability. A strong credit history strengthens your application and showcases your commitment to responsible financial management.

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