Empowering Your Financial Journey

Harvard Credit Solutions stands out from the vast majority of credit Solutions companies, with a distinctive approach that sets us apart. Instead of relying on a basic dispute letter process (which consumers can do independently for free by accessing credit bureau websites), Harvard Credit Solutions adopts a pre-litigation process similar to that of Consumer Credit Law attorneys. The key advantage is that Harvard Credit Solutions offers this specialized process at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional methods. By using the pre-litigation approach, Harvard Credit Solutions provides clients with a more effective and efficient credit solution.

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Our Commitment to Credit Solutions

We are specialists in both economics and information technologies and we apply our full range of talent to
create the perfect solution for each client’s needs.

We Will

  • Assist in removing inaccurate, unverifiable, and untimely items from your credit report.
  • Efficiently guide you back to the closing table as soon as possible.
  • Dispute items that violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act & Fair Debt Collections Act.
  • Avoid submitting generic disputes repeatedly.

We Won't

  • Make false promises to eliminate all items from your credit report, as we believe in honesty and realistic expectations.
  • Protract the process of credit repair, as we value your time and aim for efficiency.
  • Charge your upfront services before you start our program.
  • Wait for you to reach out for updates on your file.

Don’t let Credit Problems let you Down


Average Program Time

60 to 250

Credit Score Increase


Average Deletion %


What People Say

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