Unlock Fast and Streamlined Financing with Merchant Cash Advances (MCA)

In the realm of business financing, the term Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) holds significant value. It signifies a swift and efficient solution for business owners seeking short-term funds. Whether you’re a credit card-accepting entrepreneur or an aspirant in need of quick and hassle-free financing, our Merchant Cash Advance program caters to your needs.

Rapid Insights into Harvard Credit Solution's
Merchant Cash Advances

Approval Amount

depend on credit card statements


Not  Required

Necessary Financials

3 Months of Bank Statements

Bad Quality


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How Does It Work?


Complete a Form

Or a personalized consultation with our representative.


Submit your Application

With a soft pull on your credit.


Obtain Pre-qualification

In just 24 hours.


Engage with Experts

Receive guidance on approval status and potential

Essential Documentation
for Smooth Processing

Rapid pre-approval in 24 – 48 hours; formal approval in 72 hours

Application-to-funding process within 3 days or less

Opportunity for future funding approvals

Effortless merchant statement review for simplified approval

No application fees to worry about

Embrace bad credit, as it's warmly accepted

Revenue as low as $50,000 is considered

No upfront application fees

Starter programs available for budding businesses

Flexible 3 – 36 month terms

Up to one month's revenue obtainable

Collateral is not a prerequisite

Streamlined Application Process

Financial Documentation

Submission of 3 months of bank and/or merchant account statement

Revenue Consistency

Demonstration of consistent deposits indicating revenue of $50,000 or higher annually

Business Tenure

Minimum of 6 months in business.

Chargeback Record

Maintain a record of low chargebacks on merchant statements.

Financial Stability

Limited occurrences of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSFs

Deposits Frequency

Minimum of ten deposits monthly.

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