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Welcome to Harvard Credit Solutions, where we redefine possibilities through Inventory Financing. Experience a credit solution like no other, bypassing personal credit hurdles. Unlock a low-rate credit line within weeks, leveraging your existing inventory valued at over $500,000. Regardless of your credit history, get swift approval based on your inventory and management system. Our game-changing approach offers working capital credit, fueling your business aspirations seamlessly. Your inventory isn’t just assets; it’s your gateway to limitless opportunities.

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Inventory Financing

Approval Amount

depend on credit card statements


Not  Required

Necessary Financials

3 Months of Bank Statements

Bad Quality


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Essential Documentation
for Smooth Processing

Timely Payment: Consistent on-time payments as a pillar of financial stability.

Credit Balances: Maintaining a favorable credit utilization ratio.

Credit History Length: Establishing credibility through your credit history's duration.

Credit Mix: Navigating various credit types with prudence.

Recent Activity: Approaching new credit with a strategic mindset.

Streamlined Application Process

Financial Documentation

Submission of 3 months of bank and/or merchant account statement.

Revenue Consistency

Demonstration of consistent deposits indicating revenue of $50,000 or higher annually.

Business Tenure

Minimum of 6 months in business.

Chargeback Record

Maintain a record of low chargebacks on merchant statements.

Financial Stability

Limited occurrences of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSFs).

Deposits Frequency

Minimum of ten deposits monthly.

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