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For well-established businesses demonstrating strong tax returns, seize the potential of Secured Small Business Loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Unlock access to substantial sums, with loans reaching up to $5,000,000. Whether you’re eyeing business acquisitions, real estate ventures, partner buyouts, or bolstering working capital, SBA offers diverse programs like 504 and 7(a) loans tailored to your needs. While approval requires documentation such as financials, credit reports, business plans, and collateral details, the payoff is remarkable. Benefit from extended payback terms, spanning up to 10, 15, or even 20 years, coupled with competitive interest rates as low as 5 – 6%. Turn your growth visions into reality with Harvard Credit Solutions, your partner in progress.

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Credit Line Hybrid

Approval Amount

Upto $5,000,00 


50% of loan amount

Credit Quality


Income & Assets

depends on lender

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Insightful Credit Reports

Dive into the details of your credit journey with comprehensive credit reports. We provide insights that empower you to make strategic credit decisions, both personally and for your business.

Navigating Your Financials with Confidence

Understanding your financial landscape is key to making informed decisions. At Harvard Credit Solutions, we offer comprehensive insights into your financial health, helping you gain a clearer perspective and empowering you to take charge of your economic journey.

Personal Credit History

 Your personal credit history tells a story. Let us help you rewrite any challenging chapters, optimizing your credit health and unlocking better financial opportunities.

Building a Solid Foundation

 A strong foundation is the bedrock of success. Discover our expert strategies to establish and fortify the core of your business, setting you on a path towards sustainable growth.

Essential Business Information

 From inception to expansion, every business phase is vital. Our guidance ensures you have the right information at every step, making informed decisions effortless.

Business Financials

 Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business's financial landscape. We help you analyze and optimize your financial statements, ensuring a strong foundation for growth.

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