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Real Estate Dreams

Harvard Credit Solutions opens the door to a diverse range of commercial real estate financing options, spanning from $100,000 to $20,000,000. Whether you’re considering property refinancing or cash-out options, our programs cover conventional property financing, investment properties, hard money loans, bridge loans, and property acquisition. We provide funding solutions for a variety of property types including offices, industrial spaces, mixed-use properties, auto dealerships, assisted living facilities, entertainment venues, and more. Let us be your partner in turning your unique real estate aspirations into tangible achievements.

Key Highlights

Approval Amount

Upto $20,000,00


Real Estate

Credit Quality

Fair credit accepted 

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Essential Documentation for Smooth Processing

Credit History on Revolving Accounts:  Maintain a minimum of two (2) open revolving accounts with a record of favorable payments spanning at least 18 months.

Effective Business Account Management: Demonstrate adept handling of your business bank account by maintaining positive balances and avoiding Non-Sufficient Funds (NSFs).

List of Real Estate Assets for Collateral: Submit an inventory of real estate assets that could potentially serve as collateral.

Bank Statements: Supply recent bank statements for a comprehensive overview of your financial transactions.

Bankruptcy-Free History: Ensure no instances of bankruptcy filing within the preceding 7 years.

Healthy Utilization of Revolving Accounts: Sustain a revolving account utilization below 40% across all accounts.

Pristine Financial Record: Present an untarnished financial history devoid of outstanding collections, liens, or judgments.

Streamlined Application Process

Building the Foundation of Financial Success

At our core, Harvard Credit Solution is committed to laying the groundwork for your financial triumph. With a strong foundation in mind, we bring you the tools and guidance needed to pave the way for a secure and prosperous future.

Personal Credit History

 Your personal credit history tells a story. Let us help you rewrite any challenging chapters, optimizing your credit health and unlocking better financial opportunities.

Building a Solid Foundation

 A strong foundation is the bedrock of success. Discover our expert strategies to establish and fortify the core of your business, setting you on a path towards sustainable growth.

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