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Line Amounts

Credit Terms


Ensuring Your Investment

Collateral Requirement: We prioritize both your financial security and our lending integrity. As part of this commitment, we ask for collateral amounting to 50% of the loan amount. This collateral serves as a safeguard, ensuring that your investment and our lending remain mutually beneficial and protected.

Unleashing Your Potential

Extensive Loan Range: Our lending capacity reaches up to an impressive $5 million. Whether you're a small business aiming for growth or an established enterprise with expansion plans, our loan offerings are structured to unleash your potential. This diverse loan range is designed to cater to a broad array of financial aspirations.

A Timeline That Suits You

Flexible Repayment Term: We understand that financial commitments should be manageable. Our repayment terms span from 10 to 25 years, affording you the convenience of a timeline that aligns with your financial capacity and business objectives. This flexibility ensures that your investment pays off on a schedule that suits you.

Tailored to Your Advantage

Dynamic Interest Rates: Your financial journey is unique, and so are the factors that influence it. That's why our interest rates range from Prime + 1% to 2.75%. This range accommodates various financial profiles and market dynamics, ensuring that you receive an interest rate tailored to your advantage.

Credit Requirements

  • Personal credit score 680+
  • Time in business - 2 years or greater
  • Showing some profits on business tax returns for 2 years (no losses)
  • No felonies/criminal history
  • No defaults on federal loan (VA, FHA or student loan)
  • Enterprise value cannot exceed $15 million otherwise they are not a small business
  • Funding process 4 to 8 weeks
  • Can be used for working capital or real estate purchase

Acquisition Financing

  • Personal credit score 680+
  • History of management or ownership (of the business being acquired) in a similar or same industry
  • 3 years of financials from the current business owner
  • 3 years personal tax returns
  • Business debt schedule
  • 20% down

Projection Based Lending

  •  Personal credit score 650+
  • Previous experience in the field
  • Personal financial statement
  • 3 years personal tax returns
  • Business debt schedule
  • 15% to 20% down payment required

Deal Submission Requirements

  •  Application
  • Business tax returns -if applicable
  • Personal tax returns - if applicable
  • Personal financial statement - if applicable
  • Business bank statements - if applicable
  • Business plan
  • Financials from business owner

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