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Equipment Financing

Welcome to Harvard Credit  Solutions, your trusted ally in navigating the intricate realm of equipment financing. Our comprehensive range of meticulously designed programs is strategically tailored to enhance your business ventures, offering you customized solutions that perfectly align with your objectives. Whether you’re seeking to optimize your current equipment assets or explore new business horizons, Harvard Credit Solutions stands ready to accompany you on every phase of your journey.

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Why choose us?

Flexible Funding



Flexible Funding for Equipment Purchases

 Secure financing for equipment purchases of varying sizes, with loan amounts reaching up to an impressive $5 million. Our funding options cater to businesses of all scales, ensuring that your equipment needs are met.

Adaptable Terms for Strategic Planning

 Choose from a range of financing terms spanning from 36 to 60 months. This flexibility empowers you to align your repayment timeline with your business projections.

Interest Rates Tailored to Your Business

Our interest rates range from 6.25% to 25%, providing you with options that consider both your financial objectives and the potential returns on your equipment investment.

Are you Eligible?

For Equipment Purchases

  • Personal Credit Score of 550+
  • Time in Business of 2 Years or Greater
  • Additional Requirement for Long Haul Trucking: 2 Units in Fleet if in Business for 2 Years or More

Sales Leaseback Program

  • Collateral Required: Titled Equipment
  • Loan Amounts: Equipment Value of $400,000.00 or Greater
  • Term: 2 to 6 Years
  • Personal Credit Score Requirement: 550+
  • Time in Business: 2 Years
  • Equipment Purchased Within 30-45 Days via Cash or Credit Card, Supported by an Invoice
  • Equipment Could Have Been Purchased via Equipment Vendor
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