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Free Funding for Your Business Ventures

Our Business Credit Cards offer a hassle-free funding solution, eliminating the need for traditional collateral requirements. Say goodbye to the complexities of securing loans with valuable assets; with our Business Credit Cards, your strong personal credit score is your key to unlocking the financial resources you need.

Tailored to Your Business Needs

We understand that every business is unique, and its financial requirements vary. That's why we provide a wide range of credit lines, starting from $10,000 up to an impressive $150,000. Whether you're an ambitious startup seeking initial capital or an established company looking to expand, our Business Credit Cards can cater to your specific financial demands.

Flexible Revolving Credit Terms for Optimal Control

With our Business Credit Cards, you gain the advantage of revolving credit terms, ensuring smooth cash flow management tailored to your convenience. Enjoy the freedom to make purchases, repay, and reuse the credit line as needed. The power of flexibility lies in your hands, empowering you to seize new business opportunities without constraints.

Exemplary Credit Requirements to Facilitate Approval

Securing a Business Credit Card has never been more accessible. We have carefully designed our credit requirements to facilitate smooth approval processes. To qualify, ensure that you maintain a personal credit score of 700 or higher across all three major credit bureaus. Additionally, maintaining under 40% utilization on each revolving account, no more than 4 bank inquiries per bureau within the last 12 months (excluding secured inquiries like auto loans and mortgages), and no more than 3 unsecured accounts opened in the past 12 months are essential.

Competitive Rates to Boost Your Financial Strategy

We recognize that the cost of capital plays a crucial role in shaping your business success. That's why our Business Credit Cards come with highly competitive rates to support your financial strategy. Benefit from a 0% APR for an initial period, typically spanning 6 to 18 months, followed by a reasonable APR range of 5% to 29%. A nominal 9.9% success rate fee is applicable only after you've successfully secured the funding.

Unlock the Power of Strong Personal Credit with Our Business Credit Cards

At Harvard Credit Solutions, we believe that your business deserves the best financial tools to thrive and achieve new heights of success. Introducing our exceptional Business Credit Cards, carefully crafted to provide you with unmatched financial flexibility and a pathway to accelerate your business growth.s


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